2015 Season

The 2015 season is set to be the team's biggest yet. The big news is that we will include a Masters Mens team ontop of our A and B grade elite men's teams and the elite womens team.

The race program for this season will consist of a similar race schedule to previous years, with our main focus to be on the local South-East Queensland cycling scene.

The Queensland Road Teams Series is set to be the main focus of the elite A grade mens team, while all of the other squads will focus on the local racing scene.


Battle on the Border

16, 17 and 18 May 2014

Day 1
The Battle on the Border stage race was held over 3 days in and around Murwillumbah, Northern NSW. For the women's team, they faced the ever improving Women's National Road Series (NRS) competition. The men's team opted to compete in the Elite Men's Division 1 race, which proved to showcase some hard and aggressive racing.

Friday's stage was good start for the girls in the NRS, with all 6 riders staying out of trouble. Jazzy and Lou were able to make it into the main bunch, which came in just behind the leading 4 riders. Lou was bale to get top ten in the bunch sprint.

In the men's race, the rain made the hard 132km race even harder, which in the end, saw Ben Cook make the first selection of riders. In the end, two rides got away, but Ben still had a chance on the overall. Meanwhile, Ben Chambers collected a few sprint points to be in the running for the green jersey.

Day 2
Stage 2 was a 9km TT. For the women, it was all about staying intouch with the leaders, with all the girls managing to post respectable times. The men's race saw Ben Cook take back a little time and staying in contention for a podium spot for the overall. Everyone else was saving their legs to contest the criterium that afternoon.

The women's criterium saw Lou and Jazzy ride aggressively, which in the end, saw Lou come close to a top ten. The men's crit was aggressive as well, with all riders having a go off the front. In the final lap, Ben Chambers was well positioned to get a result, which allowed him to take a close second in the sprint.

Day 3
The final day was another hard road race for both teams. The girls finished off in style and stayed in the main bunch. For the men, Matt got into a break for almost 90km, which allowed the team to wait for the final hilly section. In the end, Ben Cook managed to move up to fourth overall and finish off a consistent ride for the weekend. Ben Chambers just missed out on the Green Jersey.

Ipswich Open

3 and 4 May 2014

The Ipswich Open comprises of two individual events (a TT on Saturday and a RR on the Sunday), which can provide an overall winner. The Saturday TT saw Matt, Mark and Anthony ride reasonable TT’s, however, Anthony suffered some knee problems and thought best to pull out at half way, so he could focus on his defence of the road race the following day. In hindsight, it was a wise choice.
The 88km road race on Sunday was all about defending Anthony’s title from 12 month earlier. From the gun, Dave Melville attacked, and rode 90% of the race, off the front and by himself. Matt tried numerous times to try and bridge across, however the bunch was not willing to let Matt get away and were content to see Dave out the front.
As the laps went by, the gap between the reduced peleton and Dave got smaller and smaller, which was setting up a patient Anthony for a counter attack. With 3 laps to go, Ruben Donati attacked the bunch and rode across and then over Dave to become the new solo leader on the road. Anthony took the initiative to bridge across, which saw him catch Dave, but then set off in solo pursuit of Donati. Anthony trailed by 50 seconds with 10km to, but couldn’t close the gap to Donati, reducing the deficit to about 30 seconds by the end and finishing 2nd across the line. Bu the results hadn’t yet been decided.
Due to various infringements, the authorities decided to disqualify Donati and hand Anthony the win, which has since been challenged by Ruben. We will see what the outcome is eventually, but for now, we can celebrate a great ride by Anthony.

QRTS Round 2

25 & 26 April 2014

Yarrabillba was the location for Round 2 of the Queensland Road Teams Series. Saturday saw the team race two Team Time Trials. The first one, was for points, but also created the handicap for the second TTT. In the first race we came 9th, while the second one we came 10th on handicap. Although a higher placing would have been desirable, we were only within a few seconds of the higher placed teams, so we couldn’t be totally bothered by the result.
The Sunday race was a 94km road race over the same circuit. We were keen to not only improve our overall team standing, but also ensure Anthony was back in the grey over 35 jersey by days end. Ultimately, we achieved both and also saw Anthony improve in the individual overall standings.
On the day, Anthony rode a smart race to wait for the final lap of the race, where he went with a counter attack as the break of the day was brought back. This allowed him to get into the winning break of ten riders, who went into the finale to go for the win. As they approached the finish, many attacks were executed, and Anthony was left to try and go with the right move. In the end, he rode really well to take 7th. This moved him into 9th overall, which also saw the team move into 9th overall, thanks to some good riding by Graeme, Ben Chambers and Mark.

Queensland Road Teams Series - Round 1

8 and 9 March 2014

Round 1 of the Queensland Road Teams Series was held in windy conditions in the City of Toowoomba. The 118km Stage 1 started off badly for the team, with three of the team being caught up in a crash early in the race. Despite this, Ben Chambers, Dan and Anthony were all able to avoid trouble early and continue on.

As expected, the Budget Forklifts Pro Cycling Team took control and basically rode away from everyone, which left the remaining amateurs to try and make the most of the windy conditions. Anthony did well to stay with the second group on the road and take 9th place. Alex Wohler from Budget Forklifts Pro Cycling Team won.

Stage 3 (99km) at Mount Tyson was just as windy. After 5km, the race turned left and faced a 6km stretch of exposed narrow road, which was perfect to practice riding echelons. Immediately Budget Forklifts Pro Cycling Team demonstrated that they had practiced echelons and created another a race winning selection. This left the remaining amateurs to once again race for the minor placings.

Matt and Graeme made it back to the main chase group after some hard work. Graeme held on for 19th place, while Matt was caught out in the wind and showed he needs to practice his echelons more. Josh Prete from Budget Forklifts Pro Cycling Team won by many minutes.

Stage 3 was a 45 minute criterium, with the ever present wind making it a difficult 45 minutes. This race broke into many small groups, with the front group mostly containing riders from Budget Forklifts Pro Cycling Team and evetual winner, Jesse Kerrison. Anthony was able to get into the chase group and take 9th on the stage.

Anthony's great riding saw him only 1 point behind the leader of the over 35 category.


Sizzling Summer Series 1

2 March 2014

Women's Race
With a strong women's field, the race was very aggresive to start with. Several early attacks allowed a counter attack to go, which saw Jahna ride off the front by herself. As the bunch let her go, the main contenders riders in the bunch prepared for more attacks. As predicted, once Jahna was caught, the big attack went and allowed a break of four girls get away, which included Jazzy.

This break of four set a high tempo, which eventually made the group drop to three riders. As the three leaders pressed on, more attacks from behind continued in the hope of getting across to teh front. However, the three up front would not be caught and would fight for the win.

Into the final lap, some cat and mouse tactics saw evetual winner, Katrin Garfoot attack. This caused Jazzy to have to chase, which meant she burnt a few matches and wasn't able to catch a flying Katrin. Jazzy held on for third

Elite A Men
As per usual, the A grade men's race was very fast and aggressive. Many attacks would go, with Matt getting involved with a few, which didn't get much leeway.

Late in the race a big group did get away, which did not include a Campos-Tele2 rider. As such, Mark, Adam, JJ, Dan and Matt all went to the front to bring the break back. With a lap to go, it was all back together, with Anthony set to lead Ben Chambers out. Coming into the final two corners, a rider clipped a pedal, which distrupted Ben's sprint, which saw Anthony continue on to get somewhere around a top 10 finish.

B Grade Men
The B grade men also rode an aggresive race, with George, Xavier and Mark all having a very good go at trying to break away. Mark spent a few laps off the front, which allowed Jack to sit in and wait for a sprint. As predicted, a bunch sprint did eventuate, however Jack was boxed in and couldn't get a good run at the finish


Toowoomba 2 Day

15 and 16 February, 2014

The Toowoomba 2 Day race was the first open race of the year and is always a great test of early season form.

The Saturday started with a 1 hour criterium at Glenvale in scorching 35 degree heat. With the testing circuit, wind and heat, the race ended up being very difficult and split up significantly.

The race started with various attacks, however it took about 10 minutes until the main break got away. In response, a second chasing break formed, which included Graeme. The group of 6 worked to try and get across to the front three riders, but struggled to do so. As such, the front three managed to stay away, with Jared Graves (Yeti) taking the win.

Graeme worked hard to stay with the dwindling chase group to finish in the top 10.

Sunday's race was just as hot, but with a course of 70km which included plenty of climbing, the racing was even harder. The heat took it's toll on many riders, with the attrition rate being very high. On the back half of the first lap, a small break got away. Riders started pushing to get across to this group, which included Graeme.

He was clearly feeling good and was part of the front group for the second half of the race. Through the hills on the back of the course, the attacks began, with a break of 4 getting away. Graeme was in a chase group that couldn't bring the front four back. As such, he rolled in for 7th after a very tough race. Jimmy wasn't far behind in the second chase group. Well done Graeme and Jimmy.

The 2014 Jersey has arrived

Friday 10 January, 2014

We are very pleased to have taken hold of our new Jersey for 2014. With great help from Champion System, our clothing sponsor, we have managed to maintain all the good things that make our jersey so great. We're looking forward to racing throughout the year in this great clothing by Champion System.

2014 Season

Wednesday 30 Oct, 2013

Camps | Tele2 Cycling Team 2014

The team is pleased to announce that Campos Coffee Queensland (www.camposcoffee.com) will continue to support the team for the 2014 season. After 3 successful years supporting the team, Campos will once again support cycling in Queensland.

We also wish to announce that Tele2 (www.tele2.com.au) will join the team as co-naming sponsor for 2014. The team is delighted that this local business from the Sunshine Coast will become a significant partner for the coming season.

Over the coming months, we will announce the complete list of companies supporting this great team.

Charles Coin Memorial Race

Friday 23 AUG, 2013

Charles Coin Memorial Race

The Charles Coin Memorial race has been a happy hunting ground for the team in recent years, and with a strong team representing, the team was confident more success was possible. The 130km race started with an amazing solo break by Graeme Rose.

After approximately 5km, Graeme was involved with some early attacking, where he ended up getting away from the bunch by himself. For about 40km, Graeme surged away from the bunch and maintained a nice gap from the bunch. This strong move allowed the rest of the team to wait in the wings and follow the counter moves later in the race.

Once Graeme was eventually caught, more attacks began to occur, with Matt, Ben Chambers and Ben Cook all having ago off the front.

Finally, with about 50km to go, Dan McCulloch got himself into a 4 man break away. With Dan in the front group, the rest of the boys were able to sit back and see what happened. Meanwhile, the front group worked well together and managed to get a two and a half minute lead on the bunch and were certain to take the podium spots.

Into the final lap, the attacks began in the front group, with Mal Rudolph and Mark Laspina breaking clear. Dan and Liam McCarthy set about chasing the two riders up front, but weren't able to get back across. Dan was able to take 3rd place, while Mal Rudolph (Drapac) took the win.

Photos of the race can bee seen here.

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